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Rua de Pedras

Walking on the cobbled street of the slave era
Be sure to visit
The visit to Rua de Pedras is part of the City Tour, but can also be visited at any time. The street is right in the center of the city.

Rua de Pedras


Unlike other streets in the municipality, Rua Conselheiro Felisberto da Cunha still retains its original pavement with wide stones.

Located in one of the oldest areas of the city, Rua de Pedras still preserves some of the old mansions that hold important stretches from the time when the municipality was taking shape.


In addition to the stone pavement, which is already an attraction in itself, it is possible to see the old Casa do Conselho where the first printing house in the city also functioned, responsible for printing several local newspapers.


Below we have the big house where Mr. Alexandre Ribeiro lived, a pharmacist from the city whose family played an important role in the city, mainly in charity works, among them the extinct Shelter Rachel Ribeiro. As you pass the mansion, you can still see the hydraulic tiles on the sidewalk with the inscription of a pharmaceutical product, typical form of advertising of the time.


Finally, at the foot of the slope we have the famous “corner of Pecado” where the city's youth gathered to serenade, rounding up a good conversation. Many courtships also started there. It was the meeting of the bohemian youth!


Today it is difficult to see any vehicle passing by the slope, only the residents of the street venture to travel it by car.





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