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Monsenhor Marciano Bernardes da Fonseca

Best known as Padrinho Vigário. The story of the city's illustrious priest.

Padrinho Vigário


Born in Desterro de Melo, on November 17, 1859, Marciano Bernardes da Fonseca, arrived in Santa Rita de Jacutinga on July 23, 1887, becoming the vicar of the parish.


Always affecting the life of the Santarritenses, since his arrival the Father was directly linked to education and movements for the progress of the locality.


As a priest he baptized innumerable children and demanded that they give him the godfather treatment so he became the “Godfather Vicar” of the Santarritenses.


Committed to local causes, Padrinho Vigário was a central figure in the process of Emancipation of the municipality, built several chapels, among them the Chapel of the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora Aparecida do Monte Calvário, built the Holy House of Mercy and its great patrimony.

Several stories about the life of the religious are known to the local population, almost everyone knows a story about a grace achieved, stories told with great faith and affection for the religious.


In 2011, authorization was granted to begin the process of Beatification and Canonization of Monsignor Marciano. Later, the Holy See authorized the process to be carried out, much to the delight of its devotees.


During the City Tour, it is possible to visit the memorial in his honor, located in the house where he lived. There it is possible to know reports, photos, prominent objects in the life of the servant of God.


Monsignor Marciano's remains can be visited from the Santa Rita de Cássia Mother Church.




Prayer for the canonization of Monsignor Marciano


Almighty God the Father, you who have become Pastors for your People, and have given us as good Parson Monsignor Marciano Bernardes da Fonseca, model priest, exemplary in prayer, faithful in the administration of spiritual and temporal goods, dedicated to charity for the poor and sufferers, we ask you, give us the grace to see you raised to the honor of the altars and deign to hear me in the request that I now humbly ask you, through the intercession of your faithful disciple. (Grace is requested through the intercession of Mgr. Marciano). Through Christ our Lord, in the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen.




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Monsenhor Marciano, o padrinho vigário das crianças. Disponível em: Acessado em 28/10/2014.


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Após nomeação, Comissão para o Processo de Beatificação e Canonização de Monsenhor Marciano intensifica trabalhos, por Fabíola Castro. Disponível em: . Acessado em 28/10/2014.


Santa Rita de Jacutinga (MG) celebra aniversário do Servo de Deus, Monsenhor Marciano, por Elisangela Cavalheiro. Disponível em: Acessado em 28/10/2014



Great Character
Know the history and work of Padrinho Vigário, in the process of canonization, has many devotees in Santa Rita and in several other cities.
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