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Igrejinha do Alto

A beautiful sunset overlooking the city and the mountains. All under the blessings of the Godfather Vigário!

“At the top of the mountain the poetic hermitage sits with its towers pointing to the infinite and watching over the peace and fraternity of the city.”  

(Laudelina Marinho Nogueira – D. Nina)


The sanctuary of Nossa Senhora Aparecida do monte Calvário is located at the top of Monte Calvário. Its zigzag path is 1,040 meters long and is punctuated by 14 small chapels that refer to the 14 stations of the Via Sacra.


Its construction was idealized by Padrinho Vigário with the objective of depositing donations there for the construction and maintenance of the Santa Casa de Misericórdia.


Built with the help of residents and the faithful, the first chapel was inaugurated on July 26, 1912. On August 7, 1949 a fire destroyed the chapel. During the fire only one of the chapel's walls remained intact, apparently where a painting of Monsignor Marciano was. The Actual building was inaugurated on April 30, 1950 and renovated in 2003 with the help of the residents and devotees of Nossa Senhora Aparecida.


The Igrejinha do Alto, so affectionately called by the Santarritenses, is the stage of one of the most beautiful demonstrations of faith of its people. Annually on the 1st of May, there is a procession towards Mount Calvary where the faithful, in procession, descend bringing with them the image of Our Lady Aparecida who remains there throughout the year, initiating the traditional May Festival in honor of the patron saint of the City.


One of the best spots in the city to enjoy the scenery, Monte Calvário is a true viewpoint, a view of almost the entire city in a 180 degree view angle and about 800 meters in altitude.


At dawn we can see the sun come out lazily from behind the mountains and clouds and bringing with it a beautiful day, perfect to enjoy a day full of adventures in the City of Waterfalls.


At dusk nature offers us a wonderful sunset where we can watch the sun disappear over the slopes of Morro do Batalhão (Also known as Morro do elephant, because its silhouette forms the image of elephants).

The tip for this tour is to leisurely enjoy all the beauty that the region has!




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Be sure to visit
The visit to Igrejinha is part of the City Tour, but can also be visited at any time. As for the best time, the tip is at sunrise or sunset.
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