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Religiosity, illustrious characters and historical and cultural heritage

A journey through the history of the settlement of Santa Rita de Jacutinga and its main characters, such as Chico Gomes and Padrinho Vigário.


The tour continues through the Historic Center, Igreja Matriz, Rua de Pedras, Rua de Baixo, old stations and a weeping tunnel. Finally, a beautiful walk to Igrejinha do Alto, with its beautiful view.




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Wear comfortable, closed shoes for light walking. Also take your camera to keep the memories of that tour.





The best program to do when we go somewhere new is to know its history, the facts that shaped that community, the way of being and the customs of those who live there.


For those visiting the City of Waterfalls, the Gil Cunha Guide has specially prepared a script that tells a little about the history of the city.


The City Tour that starts at the Igreja Matriz, a beautiful architectural work that stands out in the landscape for its magnificence. It was around the Mother Church that the city was formed, then the Tour passes by the City Council building, in this historic mansion is located the memorial in honor of Monsignor Marciano, a priest who lived for many years in the city and is in the process of beatification and anonization by the Vatican.


After the visit to the memorial, the tour passes through the Bandstand, located at Praça da Matriz. It is there that the Musical Corporation Cônego Marciano makes its presentations during the traditional Festa de Maio.


A little further on is Rua de Pedras, which still preserves some of the old mansions that hold important stretches from the time when the municipality was taking shape.


Then we arrived at the nervous center of the city, we followed Rua Monsenhor Marciano, known as Rua de Baixo, the commercial street of the city and we arrived at the old important railway stations in the history of the municipality.


Still on the city's railway heritage, the tour goes through the Que Chora Tunnel, where residents and tourists take the opportunity to cool off with the cold water of one of its water mines.


After a break in the Tunnel, it is time to climb Monte Calvário and get to know Igeja do Alto, an important landmark of the Santarritenses' religiosity. altitude.

After the descent the tour ends with a visit to the city's handicrafts, where we can find beautiful pieces, made by the hands of the artisans of the City of Waterfalls.


The City Tour is a great way to enjoy a peaceful afternoon, getting to know a little more of this piece of ground, beautiful for its history and the nature that surrounds it!





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Contact us and make your reservation. This tour can be done any day of the week.
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