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A dip in preserved nature, with rock formations of unique beauty.



Departing at 10 am from the CENTRAL DE PASSEIOS, we proceed to the dirt road route, through what is one of the most beautiful attractions of the City of Waterfalls, Boqueirão.

The canyon is majestic, where nature shows that this piece of ground is so blessed by its beauty! The gap between two stone walls is 85 meters high, it is the largest mouth of the state, intersected by the Pirapetinga River.


Located in Vila do Cruzeiro, 17 km from the city center, to get to Boqueirão you have to take a path that is already charming in itself. 


It is said that the smuggled gold from Estrada Real used to pass through there, for that reason the region was known as “forbidden lands”, lands where the government had prohibited the circulation and also the fixing of people, opening of trails and any activities such as way to prevent the gold from being lost in the crown, without having registered the cargo or government surveillance.


One of the main ecological routes in the City of Waterfalls, Boqueirão is located within an APA (Environmental Preservation Area), so the visitor during the trail can admire several bromeliads, birds and the exuberance of the native forest.


Inside the canyon a delicious natural pool was formed between the two stone walls, where the bravest can cross the pool and enjoy a little view from the opposite side of the wall.


This tour is offered by the guide Gil Cunha and in addition to Boqueirão includes a visit to Meireles waterfall and Arraial do Cruzeiro.


As with all itineraries, the meal tip is at Dona Tereza's rural restaurant, which offers delicious Minas Gerais food made on a wood stove.


Guide R $ 20 per person (minimum 5 people or R $ 100).

Visit fee R $ 5 at Cachoeira dos Meireles

Self-service lunch R $23

Dessert R $ 6


NOTE: This tour requires its own transport.



Wear closed and comfortable walking shoes and take bathing suits to enjoy the inviting waterfalls with crystal clear waters.

Also take sunscreen and your camera to keep the memories of that tour.


RODRIGUES, André Figueiredo. The forbidden backlands of Mantiqueira: clearing, land occupation and the observations of Governor Dom Rodrigo José de Meneses. Revista Brasileira de História vol.23, no.46. São Paulo, 2003. Available at: Accessed on 07/11/2014.



Contact us and make your reservation. This tour can be done any day of the week.
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