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Refreshing bath in the cold and crystalline waters of the Serra da Mantiqueira.



Departing at 10 am from the CENTRAL DE PASSEIOS, we continue on a paved road for 15 km to the property of Mr. Marcio Mendonça, where we start a 20 min trail to Cachoeiras das Andorinhas (visual), we continue for another 10 min until Cachoeira do João Bento (shower and bath). We return to the beginning of the trail and visit Cachoeira do Quintal, as the name says, is in the property's backyard (bath and whirlpool).

We drove for another 3 km to another private property where we met 3 more waterfalls: Cachoeira do Por Acaso (bath and whirlpool) Cachoeira do Escorrega and Cachoeira do Batismo (bath).

We then proceed to Pesqueiro do Zé Darci, where great portions of fish are served (tilapia, among others) and also have a meal option.



Guide R$ 20 per person (minimum 5 people or R$ 100).

Visit fees to waterfalls R$ 8

Lunch or snack - Approx. R$ 20


NOTE: This tour requires its own transport.



Wear closed and comfortable walking shoes and take bathing suits to enjoy the inviting waterfalls with crystal clear waters.

Also take sunscreen and your camera to keep the memories of that tour.




Whoever passes the road that connects Santa Rita to Passa Vinte, already knows the beautiful landscape in which Cachoeira das Andorinhas is located. The visit to the waterfall is one of the new tours offered by the guide Gil Cunha, the waterfall is about 50 m high.


Mr. Márcio Mendonça's property was chosen as an attraction of the "Talentos do Brasil Rural" project, in which the Ministry of Agrarian Development and the Ministry of Tourism in partnership with SEBRAE aims to develop family farming based on the market tourism. Those who visit the waterfall have the opportunity to experience life in the countryside, see manual milking on cows, growing vegetables, etc.

The tip to eat that snack or that delicious lunch from Minas Gerais is Pesqueiro do Zé Darcy 3km from the city, an undertaking that is also part of family farming and the Talentos do Brasil Rural Project.



Programa Talentos do Brasil Rural, Ministério do Turismo.

Disponível em: Acessado em 11/11/2014.


NOGUEIRA. Laudelina Marinho, A cidade das Cachoeiras: Santa Rita de Jacutinga e sua história. 3.ed. rev. e ampliada. (Santa Rita de Jacutinga, edição particular, 2005).

Contact us and make your reservation. This tour can be done any day of the week.
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