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Pontilhão da Central

One of the most beautiful images of Minas



Located 5.5 km from the Weeping tunnel, it is one of the city's postcards.


Its landscape was the winner of the cultural contest Landscapes Mineiras, held by the Estado de Minas newspaper, sponsored by Petrobras and supported by TV Alterosa and Portal Uai. Photo by Angelo Romulo and Achile de Pace.


The route to the Pontilhão is without much difficulty, good for those who like to take a walk, for those who enjoy a good bike ride or horseback, but it is also accessible by motorcycle or car.

Take advantage of the bucolic climate and retrace the path that the train took to reach the Station in Santa Rita de Jacutinga is worth it for the beautiful scenery. The road follows the valley formed by the Bananal River and provides those who follow this path with a beautiful view of the region's mountains.


Arriving at the Pontilhão you can see the railway sleepers passing by, and at the sound of the waters of the river that passes under it there is no better way to rest and prepare to make your way back!



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Go as you prefer!
On foot, on horseback, by bike, motorbike or car. The important thing is not to miss this important attraction of the City of Waterfalls.
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