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90m of waterfall and nature preserved at the top of the mountain.

Departing at 10 am from the CENTRAL DE PASSEIOS, we continue on a paved road for 12km (+ 1km land) until the Vargem do Sobrado waterfall (bath and hydromassage). The car stops beside the waterfall.


Then we followed another 8km on the asphalt until the beginning of the trail of Cachoeira do Pacau. Before taking the trail, quick stop at Mirante, to take great photos. On the trail, there are about 30 min of moderate walking to the base of the waterfall, which is 90 meters high. Great for showers.


We returned from the trail and followed another 3 km to the Recanto das Trutas, a fish-pay at the top of the Serra da Mantiqueira, with incredible nature and landscaping, with options of trout snacks, trout fillets with caper sauce, sotê potatoes etc.


Guide R$ 20 per person (minimum 5 people or R$ 100).

Cach visitation fee. Vargem do Sobrado R$ 3

Lunch or snack - Approx. R$ 25

NOTE: This tour requires its own transport.




Closed and comfortable walking shoes. Also take sunscreen and your camera to keep the memories of that tour.




The waterfall is formed by the waters of Ribeirão do Pacau, with an impressive waterfall of 90 meters high!


Embedded in the Serra do Pacau, the waterfall that bears the mountain's name is one of the most well-known postcards of the City of Waterfalls.


Mandatory stop for those who enjoy adventure sports, those who visit the waterfall can practice cascading (rappelling practiced in cascades or waterfalls), which is carried out by a partnership with the guide Gil Cunha and the company Ambiente Natural, from Bom Jardim de Minas, and enjoy a descent full of emotion and adrenaline in the cold and crystal clear waters. In order to perform the sport, advance booking is required.


A curiosity of the region, is the "Tunnel" of the Ferrovia do Aço, which cuts through the Serra do Pacau through one of the largest tunnels in Latin America, with its 8,645 meters, follows the mountain inland until it meets the Cachoeira do Pacau.


To explore this waterfall, you need the help of a local guide, as the trail has some obstacles and steep descents. Security is indispensable!


On this tour it is also possible to visit the Vargem do Sobrado waterfall and the fishing grounds nearby.

Perfect itinerary for those who enjoy adventure and contact with nature!



NOGUEIRA. Laudelina Marinho, A cidade das Cachoeiras: Santa Rita de Jacutinga e sua história. 3.ed. rev. e ampliada. (Santa Rita de Jacutinga, edição particular, 2005).

Contact us and make your reservation. This tour can be done any day of the week.


das Trutas

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